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FAB UK Media Group To Be Official Global Media Partner For Cultural Style Week 2024

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the FAB UK media group will be the official global media partner for Cultural Style Week 2024.

FAB UK Cultural Style Week

From stylish red-carpet events to jaw-dropping catwalk moments, FAB UK treats its readers to iconic fashion images, and the stories behind them. As a fashion and lifestyle publication, FAB UK covers a wide range of entertainment news and features with a primary focus on fashion, attending the hottest fashion gigs around the world to showcase breaking trends through their video channel FAB UK TV and FAB UK magazine. The magazine is available via outlets in London, France, Brazil, Italy, USA, Turkey, and more, and their engaging digital content reaches hundreds of thousands of followers daily.

The Cultural Style Week movement empowers people across the globe to celebrate their heritage through fashion and personal style. Coinciding with the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity, the week kicks off on 21 May through to 27 May.

During the week, people across the globe are encouraged to take part by wearing their cultural clothing and sharing their own content online. In addition to the virtual movement, the annual festival of events includes fashion shows, shopping expos, pop-ups, talks, exhibitions, and more!

Cultural STyle Week 2022 London

After the success of the inaugural Cultural Style Week London event near the Royal Exchange in 2022, Cultural Style Week continued to make its mark in May 2023 by hosting the first ever international festival of events, including London fashion shows, shopping events, cultural nights, and launch events in Leeds, Cape Town South Africa, and The Hague in The Netherlands.

The new media partnership between the London birthed brands, FAB UK and Cultural Style Week, embodies their ambitions to reach a global audience.

FAB UK is currently in the process of expanding their global reach through FAB Africa, USA, Holland, France, and Italy. The global Cultural Style Week movement has big plans to add more cities across the globe to their festival of events in 2024 and you can get involved! Registration for designers, vendors, sponsors, and event partners is now open!

Cultural and culturally inspired fashion designers and cultural fashion and beauty vendors are able to register their interest for Cultural Style Week 2024 fashion shows and shopping events.

Cultural Style Week is looking for designers who create using the palette of cultural style as their inspiration. We are also seeking event partners who share our vision of highlighting diversity and sponsors who want to communicate their commitment to inclusivity by helping to make Cultural Style Week 2024 awesome.

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