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Celebrate The Diversity Of Your School With Cultural Style Week 

During Cultural Style Week from 21-27 May, people from all over the world are encouraged to participate and take part wherever they are by proudly wearing their cultural styles for a day or across the week. 


This growing London birthed movement was created to encourage and empower people of all backgrounds to celebrate their unique cultural heritage through personal style, whilst encouraging harmonious dialogue around cultural celebration and acceptance. 

​We are calling on all schools, students, teachers, educational establishments and student unions to take part in Cultural Style Week 2024 and celebrate the diversity of their staff, students and local communities in a new way.


By celebrating diversity, schools can enrich the learning process by including different narratives and perspectives. Young people are particularly sensitive about expressing their identity and by creating an atmosphere of pride and positivity around traditional dress, schools can help foster a more tolerant and supportive learning environment. 

Supporting Displaced People 

Cultural Style Week was birthed to celebrate the diversity within cultures and to encourage people to proudly showcase their unique heritage with others. We want to go further and support those who have been uprooted from their home countries and are proud to partner with Refugee Action and Refugee Education UK, who do amazing things to help people in these circumstances.

In 2023 we asked participants to make a donation so that we can support  Refugee Action and Refugee Education UK who do great work to help displaced people. 

How Can Schools Take Part? 

You can create your own version of Cultural Style Week and bring cultural style into the classroom for one day or across the whole week. Some suggested ideas are below: 

  • A cultural non-uniform day where students and staff are encouraged to wear their traditional clothing with pride and donate £1 - please submit your donations here.

  • Special assemblies/presentations about cultural fashion

  • Student/staff fashion shows 

  • And so much more 

​Cultural Style Week is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of the cultural diversity of students and staff by allowing them to share and wear the beauty of their cultural heritage.

The practical nature of such participation is visually engaging, educational and inspirational.

It also provides opportunities for fresh dialogue about cultural acceptance and how many cultures across the world are connected through the origin of their cultural fashion.

Click here to pledge your participation today to let us know you will be participating and you please submit your donations here.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore more ways to get involved. 

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