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Event Partners

Partner with us to deliver events and activities for Cultural Style Week 2024

The London-birthed, Cultural Style Week movement visually celebrates diversity by encouraging people to proudly showcase their unique cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty from 21-27 May.


It’s that one week in the year when we encourage people from all backgrounds to come together and wear their heritage! 

We are so excited to be able to license use of the Cultural Style Week brand to event partners who can help us expand the 2024 event offering through:

  • Cultural fashion shows

  • Culturally inspired fashion and beauty marketplace/pop-up events

  • Cultural art exhibitions and events 

  • Cultural fashion talks, masterclasses, workshops and more - the opportunities are endless. 

You can also apply to list special hair and beauty services, national dress parties and club nights, restaurant packages and more on our event page!

Interested in becoming an event partner? Register your interest today! 

No idea is too big or small! Join us and let's make Cultural Style Week 2024 an event to remember!

Simply add your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Application deadlines:
30 November 2023   In-person events and activities for over 50 people (free and ticketed)
30 December 2023  In-person events and activities for less than 50 people (free and ticketed)
30 December 2023  Virtual events, special offers, hair and beauty services, national dress parties and club nights, themed restaurant/bar events

If you cannot deliver an event but would like to be part of a Cultural Style Week event, please register your interest on the collaboration page and we will let you know when relevant opportunities arise.


Event Category
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Thank you for your application, we will get back to you shortly. Please check your spam folder.

  • Am I able to approach sponsors to sponsor my event?
    You cannot approach organisations for sponsorship without our consent and approval. Formal requests for sponsorships have to be made with (or in partnership with) Cultural Style Week.
  • Am I able to charge an entry fee for my event?
    Yes, you are able to charge an approved entry fee for your event.
  • What support will Cultural Style Week provide for event delivery partners?
    We can provide planning and marketing support for agreed events where possible. Each application is unique and the level of support depends on the working agreement in place.
  • Can I raise funds for charity at my event?
    Cultural Style Week has official charity partners and you are welcome to raise funds for any of those charities at your event. We can not consent to event partners using the Cultural Style Week brand to raise funds for other charities.
  • What is your the event confirmation process?
    The process below outlines the journey from initial contact to event delivery and review for event partners that will deliver events and activities. Stage 1 - Expression Of Interest - We receive your initial application through our event partners web page and review the details. Stage 2 - Event Review - Once you have had time to review the FAQ's and ask any further questions, you will need to complete the online 'event review' form detailing the event location, exact date and timing. You are also able to send in any questions or queries before completing the form. Stage 3 - Review Meeting - If your proposal is accepted, you will meet with our review panel and/or founder, to discuss the idea in further detail before the contract is drawn and signed. Stage 4 - Event Planning & Promotion - Work will begin on planning and promoting the event. Stage 5 - Event Delivery - The event will be delivered as part of Cultural Style Week. Stage 6 - Event Review - After the event, we will review the overall delivery and any pending escrow funds will be released. There will be a separate process for special offers.
  • Do I have to be based in the UK?
    No, you do not have to be based in the UK.
  • I cannot deliver an event by myself, I would like to be part of a Cultural Style Week event?
    Please register your interest on the collaboration page and we will let you know when relevant opportunities arise.
  • Will Cultural Style Week fund my event and cover all expenses?
    We do not have an event partner fund or expense budget. As funds become available we may seek to support some events and initiatives at our own discretion. Where possible, we will seek to support any funding applications or join sponsorship proposals for events and activities that have been provisionally approved.
  • If I am part of a school, community group or non-profit organisation, do I have to register my event?
    If your event is internal and not open to members of the public, you do not have to register your event or activity. We would still like to know about it so we can cheer you on. You can pledge your participation here:
  • How much is the event partner event licensing fee?
    The price depends on the scale of the event and the expected profits.
  • Will Cultural Style Week help to promote my event?
    Yes, we will list approved events on the website and promote them alongside other Cultural Style Week events.
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