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Get Ready For The ‘Couture Melange’ Fashion Show Supported By The University Of Westminster

While Cultural Style Week makes its anticipated return in May 2024, we're excited to offer you a sneak peek with our pre-event titled 'Couture Melange' set to dazzle on Monday 29 April in the heart of Regent Street, Central London. This haute couture fashion event is not to be missed.

With the valued support of the esteemed University of Westminster, 'Couture Melange' promises an enchanting display of designs from Westminster fashion students alongside emerging, established and international designers. Get ready for an evening of visually spectacular cultural haute couture and culturally inspired fashion designs with a modern twist. True to Cultural Style Week's ethos, this event is more than just about style; it's a narrative, blending creativity with storytelling and narration to infuse depth and meaning into the runway. 

“Couture Melange will be a showcase of high-quality, custom-made garments that represent a diverse and eclectic blend of styles, cultural influences, and design elements. We will give designers creative freedom to convey a sense of cultural pride, and the coming together of different fashion aesthetics. I am so thankful for the support from the University of Westminster and look forward to what I know will be an amazing event”. 

Candy Ellie Graham, Cultural Style Week founder 

The University of Westminster, with its rich history, has been a beacon of academic excellence, cultural engagement, and personal development. Boasting diverse representation from over 169 countries, the university is recognised for its superb locations in London, course variety and numerous centers of research expertise. Notably, their fashion program made history as the first undergraduate course globally to feature on the official London Fashion Week schedule.

The London birthed Cultural Style Week movement empowers individuals globally to celebrate their heritage through fashion and personal style. Aligned with the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity, the week, running from 21st to 27th May, encourages people worldwide to wear their cultural clothing and share their expressions online. In addition to the virtual movement, the annual festival of events includes fashion shows, shopping expos, pop-ups, talks, exhibitions, and more!

Calling all designers

The upcoming 'Couture Melange' fashion show at the University of Westminster's Fyvie Hall will be a very special event. Please click here to apply to showcase at ‘Couture Melange’ 

The show promises to be a celebration of cultural diversity, with the unique addition of storytelling and narration to give context and meaning to the runway.

This event is part of the University of Westminster's QHT-sponsored EDI programme, "Community and Communities," led by Professor Dibyesh Anand, Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Employability and Global Engagement).



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