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Diverse Narratives: Westminster Students Share & Produce 'My Cultural Style' Videos

Since its inception in 2022, Cultural Style Week has provided a platform for participants to share the beauty of their cultural heritage and the stories behind it with a global audience through the 'My Cultural Style' videos. These videos serve as a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that defines our world.

In an exciting collaboration with the University of Westminster, students from various disciplines contributed their talents and perspectives to create a special Westminster University edition of the 'My Cultural Style' series. Embracing diverse roles both behind and in front of the camera, these talented students seized the opportunity to amplify cultural voices and showcase the multifaceted nature of identity. Their varied backgrounds and experiences lent depth and authenticity to the project, ensuring that each video resonated with viewers on a personal level.

Candy Ellie Graham, the founder of Cultural Style Week, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the dedication of the students and the unwavering support from the University, stating, "I am deeply thankful for the passion and commitment shown by the students of Westminster University. Their creativity and enthusiasm have breathed new life into Cultural Style Week, and their diverse contributions across various video projects have truly enriched the experience for audiences worldwide."

Louis Sheldon, with Shabazz Graham, Ariana Abawe and Paul Akinrinola

Meet the production team:

Louis Sheldon, originally from Northamptonshire and now based in London, is a commercial director who honed his skills studying film at the University of Westminster. Louis directed two interviews this year for Cultural Style Week, collaborating with a small team to celebrate cultural fashion.

Diandra-Alexandra Cimut with Alexandra Maria

Diandra-Alexandra Cimut served as Assistant Producer & Director. Studying Digital Media and Communication at the University of Westminster, Diandra brings expertise in digital content creation, video production, photography, and social media management to the project.

Boyan Dragomirov, a second-year film student at the University of Westminster in Harrow, London, contributed as the editor.Additionally, film students Caleb Pithers-

Gregory and Ayush Singh took on the roles of Director of Photography and Camera/Sound Assistant, respectively.

Watch the amazing video's below!

Yao Xu who hails from China, graces the Cultural Style Week stage in a resplendent attire harkening back to the Ming dynasty. The vivid crimson hue, synonymous with fortune in Chinese culture, embellished with motifs like the money bag and floral patterns, narrates tales of prosperity, luck, and joy. Through her sartorial expression, Yao Xu invites viewers to immerse themselves in the opulent heritage of China, embracing the allure of its bygone era.

Representing the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, Manasvee dons the quintessential Indian kurta traditionally worn during Diwali celebrations. Serving as a cultural emblem, the kurta transcends regional boundaries, symbolizing unity and festivity across the Indian subcontinent. With each stitch, Manasvee intertwines her roots with the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, fostering a sense of solidarity and kinship among cultures.

London-based Pamindu radiates the essence of Sri Lankan festivities in his ensemble, featuring the iconic shirt and sarong synonymous with celebrations back home. Reflecting the island nation's diverse cultural mosaic, this attire embodies the spirit of unity and camaraderie cherished by Sri Lankans worldwide. Through his participation in Cultural Style Week, Pamindu extends an invitation to embrace the vibrant hues and rich traditions of Sri Lanka, fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

Hailing from Mumbai, Riya Giridha graces the Cultural Style Week platform draped in a six-yard saree elegantly styled as nauvari, epitomizing grace and sophistication in Indian culture. Adorned with green bangles symbolizing prosperity, Riya's ensemble pays homage to her Indian roots, weaving together threads of tradition and modernity. As she showcases the timeless charm of India's cultural heritage, Riya embodies the spirit of Cultural Style Week, celebrating diversity and unity in a kaleidoscope of colors and customs.



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