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Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are integral to Cultural Style Week, and help raise awareness through leading by example and encouraging others to participate.


Click the profiles to out more about this culturally diverse group of inspirational people talking about the beauty of their cultural heritage and why it's important to them.

Richmond Osei-Akoto.png

Richmond Osei-Akoto -  Ghana

Period: 2023,2024

For Jen.02_11_35_17.Still011-min.jpg

Jennifer Laurent-Smart  -  Dominica

Period: 2022, 2023


Nova Marseline - Indonesia

Period: 2022, 2023


Malika Burieva - Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan 

Period: 2022, 2023

Rika My Cultural Style- Cultural Style Week .jpg.jpg

Rika - Japan

Period: 2022, 2023

Robert My Cultural Style- Cultural Style Week .jpg.jpg

Robert - Scotland

Period: 2022, 2023


Iab Eeine -  Hmong

Period: 2023

Sinako Cultural Style Week.jpg

Sinako Nyombolo - South Africa

Period: 2022, 2023

Shabbir Mellick Cultural Style Week  .png

Shabbir Mellick - Pakistan

Period: 2022, 2023


Mochi Chuyen - China (Hanfu) 

Period: 2022


Anna Sedivy-Thompson - The Czech Republic

Period: 2022

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