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About Us 

Cultural Style Week is a dynamic movement created to celebrate the beauty of culture through fashion. It’s that one week in a year when we invite people from all backgrounds to proudly embrace and ‘wear their heritage'. From May 21 to 27 each year, individuals worldwide are encouraged to participate by donning their cultural attire and sharing their vibrant expressions online using the hashtag #CulturalStyleWeek.


Cultural Style Week is for anyone who embraces their cultural heritage, identity, and ideals of beauty with pride. It serves as a platform for those who wish to authentically celebrate their unique cultural beauty, encouraging a sense of belonging. The movement unites people, promoting tolerance and acceptance through the universal language of style.


Since its inception, Cultural Style Week has made remarkable strides. In 2022, our global movement was inaugurated in London, coinciding with the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity.

This launch attracted participants from various cultural backgrounds, kickstarting a movement of cultural expression. In 2023, we expanded internationally, hosting events in Leeds, Cape Town, and The Hague, further solidifying our commitment to cultural diversity.


As we look ahead to 2024, we are excited to announce our partnership with FAB UK Media Group as the official global media partner for Cultural Style Week. Together, we aim to reach even greater heights, expanding our festival of events to more cities worldwide. Stay tuned for national dress parties, fashion shows, pop-ups, community gatherings, and more!

We are excited to continue our journey of celebrating culture, heritage, and style, and we invite you to be a part of our exciting future.

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