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Cultural Style Week was birthed to celebrate the diversity within cultures and to encourage people to proudly showcase their unique heritage through fashion, hair, and beauty. 

About Us

The Cause 

The western world has millions of migrants, 2nd and 3rd generation people that love and are proud of their heritage and cultures, but have felt the need to disguise their unique beauty to fit in.

The goal of Cultural Style Week is to encourage people to proudly celebrate their cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty and showcase their cultural ideals of beauty with pride! 

The Vision 

During Cultural Style Week (21-27 May), people from all over the world are encouraged to participate and take part wherever they are by proudly wearing their cultural styles across the week of 21-27 May and sharing their pictures online with the tag #culturalstyleweek


Our launch on 21 May coincides with the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a day which recognises the important contributions that different cultures make to global development and harmony.

Through sharing and celebrating what makes us all unique during Cultural Style Week, we hope to encourage fresh dialogue around cultural acceptance and create opportunities  for us all to better understand and celebrate each other. 

The launch of this new global movement will take place in London, one of the most diverse cities in the world.

For our launch year, we are working hard towards bringing you a schedule of fun, educational and inspiring online events that everyone can take part in.  Due to budget restraints we have been unable to schedule a diverse range of in-person events for 2022 and aim to introduce a festival of Cultural Style Week events for 2023 and beyond.


StylzMag is the official brand partner of Cultural Style Week. The culturally diverse digital platform is focused on cultural fashion, hair, and beauty and is an integral resource for people to find diverse service providers.


In the lead up to Cultural Style Week, you can use the StylzMag platform to support diverse tailoring, hair and beauty service providers and sellers in your local area.  


The StylzMag service offer deeply resonates with our aims and belief platform through our partnership we aim to help people learn more about cultural ideals of beauty and the rich and diverse cultural fashions that exist around the world. 

Cultural Style Week Needs You!

There are multiple ways for anyone to get involved and make this week a smashing success. Join our team, become an event sponsor, or collaborate with us. Whatever level and in whichever form you are interested in participating in, Cultural Style Week will be a unique and beautiful experience for all. Follow the links below to get involved and mark your calendars, save the date, and join us in celebrating Cultural Style Week – the week-long event that celebrates everyone's unique cultural heritage through fashion, hair, and beauty!


Find out some of the amazing ways you can sponsor and support our launch. 

Join our team

We need amazing creatives to join our communications and events team.


We need artists, modelling agencies and cultural fashion, hair and beauty brands.