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Cultural Style Week Returns to Cape Town in May 2024 - Showcasing Cultural Fashion

After a spectacular launch in May 2023, Cultural Style Week will return to Cape Town in May 2024 for an even bigger celebration of cultural diversity in partnership with the City of Cape Town, Arts and Culture Branch, Havilla Beauty, Elegant Hair Lover's and the Idwalalethu Foundation.

The London-born Cultural Style Week movement, dedicated to embracing cultural heritage, identity, and ideals of beauty, is set to make a triumphant return to Cape Town in May 2024. Serving as a platform for the authentic celebration of unique cultural beauty, the movement continues to unite people, fostering tolerance and acceptance through the universal language of style.

Since the spectacular launch in May 2022, near the prestigious Royal Exchange in London, the movement gained international notoriety in 2023, with events in Leeds, and Netherlands and Cape Town, further solidifying the commitment to cultural diversity.

“I am so delighted to be able to announce that Cultural Style Week will be returning to Cape Town in May 2024. This will be a spectacular celebration and visual demonstration of the creativity and diversity within Africa. I look forward to attending this year in person with some of the UK team”. Candy-Ellie Graham, Cultural Style Week Founder

On Friday, 19th May 2023, the Artscape Theatre Centre, Cape Town's most prestigious auditorium, played host to the Cultural Style Week movement, marking a momentous entry into South Africa. 

Despite the venue's size and stature, it could barely contain the contagious enthusiasm that united participants and spectators in a joyous celebration of their African heritage.

The launch event featured trade stalls, captivating fashion shows, mesmerising performances, spontaneous audience participation, and much more.

The vibrant atmosphere left no doubt that the audience relished every moment. The inclusivity of the event was striking, with many attendees expressing the desire to join the models on the catwalk.

With fond memories from Cultural Style Week's Cape Town launch, the anticipation is high for the 2024 return. South Africa, boasting eleven different languages and home to 2.8 million foreign-born residents from over 30 nations, is a cultural melting pot. 

Cape Town, in particular, serves as an ideal location for celebrating Africa's diversity. Sinako Nyombolo, our Xhosa cultural ambassador, embodies this spirit with her enthusiasm and drive.

We are looking for cultural or culturally inspired fashion designers and brands to be a part of our 2024 fashion event in South Africa! 

For the upcoming 2024 event, Cultural Style Week is providing even more cultural fashion brands and entrepreneurs from across Africa with the opportunity to showcase their remarkable creations.

If you are a cultural or culturally inspired fashion designer, or sell cultural clothing, accessories, and beauty products, click here to register your interest today.



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