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Artist Invitation To Collaborate With Cultural Style Week For Exhibition In Soho, London

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

We're looking for a dynamic, bold and confident artist, who can create a visual display that brings the vision of Cultural Style Week to life.

Launching this May, Cultural Style Week is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty. During Cultural Style Week we want people to show the world their traditional style in its full glory and wear it with confidence wherever they go.

The cause

The western world has become so multicultural, yet cultural style and heritage is not fully acceptable and as celebrated as it could be. The cure

We want to empower people to know that cultural ideals of beauty are just acceptable as westernised ideals.

The call out

We are looking for a talented artist who can bring their vision to life through an art installation at the renowned Smallest Gallery In Soho.

Set right in the heart of London, The Smallest Gallery In Soho is a modern and exciting creative space. It's bold exhibitions capture the attention of people walking through Soho, filling people's day with creativity, thoughtfulness and inspiration. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate on a great project, for a great cause.


If you are interested in putting yourself forward as the artist in resident for Cultural Style Week, please send an email to with the following information by 9am on Monday 31 January:

  • Your name

  • Contact number

  • A short paragraph of why you would be the best artist to display at the gallery (think about references to your work on heritage and culture).

  • Link to your work or portfolio

  • Instagram handle

You can see past displays at



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