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My Cultural Style Children’s Fashion Show 2024 - London Expo

Updated: Jun 26

The Cultural Style Week London Expo kicked off with a heartwarming and enchanting event - the My Cultural Style Children's Fashion Show by Cultural Fashion & Arts. 

Hosted by the charismatic Nayha, the show drew an enthusiastic crowd eager to celebrate the cultural diversity and creativity of the youngest participants. 

Opening the show with a burst of energy and colour were the Segatastic Dancers, a UK-based Sega Troupe dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Mauritius.

Dressed in vibrant, authentic costumes, Soulma and the Segatastic Dancers brought the essence of Sega to life, captivating the audience with their lively performance. Their dance was a perfect prelude to the fashion show, setting a festive and engaging atmosphere.

Participating in the show was special guest Sheona, the current Windsor Princess who added a touch of pageantry elegance as she displayed her beautiful Indian attire.

Children from the Kazakh community showcased their cultural clothing with pride and enthusiasm.

Mauritian representation .

Japanese representation by sisters Kairi and Mai.

Young Judah proudly celebrates his Nigerian heritage.

The young participants showcased their cultural outfits, one after the other with so much confidence and pride in their heritage. 

Dominican representation by Leia, Holly-Mae and Jacob.

Somali representation by Asua Saad.

The show concluded with a final performance by the Segatastic Dancers joined by the children, who once again dazzled the audience. 

The My Cultural Style Children's Fashion Show was a delightful success, celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity through the eyes of the next generation. It was a wonderful beginning to the Cultural Style Week London Expo programme  leaving attendees excited for the events to follow.



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