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Join Our Global Ambassador Programme

Do you love your national dress and cultural clothing ? We are looking for a wide range of diverse people from across the globe to help make Cultural Style Week a success by raising awareness and encouraging others from their culture to participate.

We want our brand ambassadors to be passionate about the cause and very proud of their cultural clothing.

To take part you must:

  • Have an active Instagram, Facebook or TikTok account

  • Be able to film yourself talking about your cultural style (we will edit all clips).

Participation will involve:

  • Sharing a video encouraging people from your cultural background to help showcase your country's national dress and cultural style during Cultural Style Week

  • Recording a message for the launch event

  • Tagging us in your social media stories across the week (21-27)

  • Taking part in an Instagram live activity during Cultural Style Week

For more details and to apply click here.

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