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Dian Oerip Joins Cultural Style Week!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Dian Oerip, will be joining us for Cultural Style Week 2023 events in London and The Netherlands.

As a free-spirited backpacker, Dian seems an unlikely candidate for creating a new fashion brand. But Oerip Indonesia was born out of the inspiration she drew from her travels exploring the islands of Indonesia. She was intrigued to discover the many regional variations of fabrics, patterns and sarong styles that existed in different parts of Indonesia. Starting with batik - which is crafting from a dyeing method that originated in Java - she soon added lurik, ikat and hand-woven kain to her proverbial canvas, highlighting the genius work of local artisans with her creations. All of these traditional fabrics proved a perfect match for the Oerip Indonesia line of comfortable, ready to wear outfits.

Dian's creations match her indomitable spirit. They are colourful, adaptable and infinitely accessible. Many of her pieces are unisex, rather than gender specific and one size fits all. In her fashion shows, Dian also embraces the unconventional. Using nature as her runway, she has displayed her creations on beaches, in remote villages and even in a mountain resort.

As a hands-on creator she still likes to be active part of the fabric production process. Each pattern represents elements of a specific regional narrative and by combining different cloths (or kian), she becomes both designer and storyteller.

With her unique approach, we are really happy to learn that Dian Oerip, a past winner of the Womenpreneur Award for Best Costume Design, is getting the recognition she deserves for her innovation and you can see some of her amazing designs for yourself at the following events:

Cultural Style Week Netherlands Launch event

Saturday 20 May

Den Haag, Netherlands

Dian Oerip Indonesia - Cultural Style Week Fashion Show

Friday 26 May

London, UK

Cultural Style Week Style Multicultural Finale Fashion Show & After Party

Saturday 27 May

London, UK



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