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Couture Melange! University of Westminster Student Designer Registration

We are looking for bold, cultural or culturally inspired fashion collections to be a part of the ‘Couture Melange’ Fashion Show Supported By The University Of Westminster.

Cultural Style Week is a growing global movement that encourages people to showcase and celebrate their cultural heritage through fashion and personal style. Our events bring people together across cultures and all walks of life to celebrate and champion cultural acceptance and you are invited to take part! 


Our pre-week fashion event Couture Melange, supported by the University of Westminster will be a showcase of high-quality, custom-made garments that represent a diverse and eclectic blend of styles, cultural influences, and design elements. We will give designers creative freedom to convey a sense of cultural pride, and the coming together of different fashion aesthetics.


This event will take place on  Monday 29 April in Fyvie Hall, Regent Street, London and is part of the University of Westminster's QHT-sponsored EDI programme, "Community and Communities," led by Professor Dibyesh Anand, Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Employability and Global Engagement).

We are accepting student designer registrations for the following categories:

  • Culturally Inspired Haute Couture

  • Cultural expressions

  • Traditional

This is a paid opportunity. Student designers will receive resource and participation funding from the university. 

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