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Help us champion acceptance, diversity and inclusion 

Cultural Style Week is a new global movement to encourage and empower people of all backgrounds to celebrate their unique cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty and we need your support!

Through sharing and celebrating what makes us all unique, we hope to encourage fresh dialogue around cultural acceptance and create opportunities for us all to better understand and celebrate each other.

People from all over the world are encouraged to participate and take part wherever they are by proudly wearing their cultural styles across the week of 21-27 May, sharing their pictures online with the tag #culturalstyleweek and we need your help to drive participation.


There are multiple ways for anyone to get involved and make this week a smashing success from supporting in a formal capacity through corporate participation, becoming a sponsor or collaborating with us.

Whatever level and in whichever form you are interested in participating in, Cultural Style Week needs you. 

Read on for more ways to get involved and support us today.


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Corporate Participation 

Corporate organisations can help make Cultural Style Week a success by simply allowing and encouraging employees to participate by wearing their unique cultural wear to work during the week.

Your support and participation in this way clearly demonstrates your acceptance of and welcoming attitude towards people of all backgrounds. 

Get in touch today to let us know you are participating and/or to discuss and explore more ways to get involved. 

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School Participation 

We are calling on schools and student unions to join us in celebrating the richness of the cultural diversity of their students through general participation and holding student events, talks and celebrations. 
Get in touch today to let us know you are participating, and/or to discuss and explore more ways to get involved. 


Festive Outfits

Community Groups 

Community-based groups, projects and initiatives are encouraged to get involved by raising awareness in their communities. We would also like to explore collaborating on inclusive and diverse events.

Get in touch today.


Find out some of the amazing ways you can sponsor and support our launch. 

Join our team

We need amazing creatives to join our communications and events team.


We need artists, modelling agencies and cultural fashion, hair and beauty brands.