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Share Your Cultural Style Through Qcast!

In the lead-up to Cultural Style Week 2022, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe viewed and shared the 'My Cultural Style' and 'Cultural Style Week Global Ambassador' videos across our social media channels.

We now invite everyone across the globe to get involved and do the same through the innovative new social platform Qcast.

Qcast is a video-based Q&A social platform that aims to inspire creative thought, through questions that spark fresh ideas, solve problems and provoke needed conversations.

Qcasters can share and respond to insightful questions through short videos. The insightful questions and responses create video streams, known as Qcast Conversations that others can engage with and share.

Through Qcast we now invite you to take centre stage and share the beauty of your Cultural Style with the world!

How To Share Your Cultural Style Through Qcast

1 - Download the app

2 - Set up your profile

Be sure to add a profile image etc.

3 - Look for the video

In the app tap the search icon in the top right

Type 'Cultural Style'

I should appear in both search results but please check the 'Qcast' search results

4 - Record your response

When you land on the 'Cultural Style Week' find the Qcast then tap it and then tap respond - this will start recording your session and answers.

Some tips

  • If you have a phone stand - please use it so you are not holding the phone throughout. Maybe be sat down so you are comfy

  • Be well lit

  • Keep answers short and sweet

We look forward to viewing and hopefully sharing some of your responses.

Happy Qcasting!

For more info about Qcast please visit



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