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Celebrating Cultural Style In The Hague, Netherlands

The global celebration of traditional dress and culture will launch in The Hague on 20 May with a night of fashion, food, dance, music and more!

We are just a few weeks away from the Cultural Style Week Netherlands launch event on Friday 20 May. This spectacular launch event will be an exciting celebration of fashion, culture and diversity with educational fashion shows, food, cultural dance and more!

The movement, which was established in London last year, will launch in the Netherlands on 20 May 2023 with a night to remember. It will be hosted by Cultural Style Week brand ambassador Nova Burdo-Marseline, who is originally from Indonesia but now lives in the Netherlands.

Nova-Burdo Marseline

Making special guest appearances will be UK-based Cultural Style Week founder, Candy-Ellie Graham, brand ambassadors Jennifer Laurent-Smart of Dominican heritage and Robert Philips from Scotland.

Jennifer Laurent-Smart, Robert Phillips

On the night, Jennifer, who is also the star of a docu-film titled ‘The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style, will also present a showcase of traditional Dominican Creole Caribbean fashion.


Cultural dance performances will include Ukrainian folk dance phenomenon MRIYA, who perform traditional and modern Ukrainian dance in traditional dress, and special performances from and Netherlands-based Balinese dance group DwiBhumi, known for their passionate and expressive performances. They will be joined by Balinese gamelan musician Krishna Sutedja.

Krishna Sutedja

We are delighted to confirm that there will also be an educational fashion showcase from Sanisa, a Netherlands-based brand founded by Andy Arduin, who works to preserve and share the history, heritage and customs of traditional Afro-Surinamese dress.

Sanisa, Andy Arduin

Founder of Sanisa, Andy Arduin said:

“With my company, I am committed to preserving the Afro-Surinamese traditional thought. The traditional costume consists of a fixed combination of folded headscarf (angisa) and dress (koto). The angisa originated during slavery in Suriname and the different folding techniques were used to exchange secret messages. At the launch event, I will take you through the history of these beautiful clothes.”

Dian Oerip, founder of the brand Oerip Indonesia, will be joining us from Indonesia to showcase her clothing line that highlights the traditional dyeing and weaving methods of expert Indonesian artisans.

Dian Oerip

This spectacular event will take place at the MingleMush Food Hall, which brings together delicious worldly dishes from across the globe in a vibrant and lively environment. Limited tickets are available so don't miss out.

Get involved!

Cultural Style Week empowers people across the world, including migrants, displaced people and their descendants, to celebrate and share their cultural diversity through fashion and personal style. From 21-27 May 2023, everyone living in the Netherlands is encouraged to proudly wear their cultural styles and share their pictures online with the tag #culturalstyleweek to connect and share with others.



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